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» Millville Chiropractic Center - June 2022 Newsletter
» Noticing More Joint Pain Lately? Blame It on Stress
» Headaches Affect Nearly Half Of All Adults
» More Green Tea, Less Cancer?

Millville Chiropractic Center - June 2022 Newsletter

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Summer Vacation Chiropractic Care for Kids

It’s that time of year again – summer vacation! Your kids have probably been daydreaming for months about this break from the classroom and all the fun ways they’ll pass the time now that they don’t have to focus on homework and studying. No matter if they love swimming, playing tennis or biking around town, your kids are much more likely to be active during the warm summer months. This means it’s the perfect time to bring your child in for a chiropractic adjustment.

While it’s great that your child is filling their long summer days with more active pursuits, the sudden increase in activity can take a toll on their young bodies if they aren’t used to it. Chiropractic treatments for kids can reduce restrictions in the spine’s vertebrae. This in turn can help ease any neck or back pain that may occur as a result of your child switching from playing videogames on the couch to playing in the great outdoors.

Visiting a chiropractor for kids can also help keep your child healthy. There’s nothing worse than waiting all year for summer to arrive, only to be miss out on the fun because of a cold. Chiropractic treatments are shown to help boost the functions of many systems in our bodies, including the immune system. A healthy, well-adjusted immune system increases your child’s chances of staying healthy and making the most of their summer vacation.

If you are taking a family vacation on your summer break, a visit to Millville Chiropractic Center can help your child’s body be better prepared for the rigors of travel. Sitting in a car, plane or train for a prolonged period of time can lead to stiffness and soreness, but by practicing preventive care with a chiropractic adjustment, your child is much more likely to arrive at your destination with a healthy spine and nervous system, ready for fun! It’s also a good idea to bring your child in post-vacation for another adjustment to work out any travel-related kinks.

Let’s face it – winters can be tough to get through. However, once summer rolls around, it all seems worth it. Summers go by all too fast, and you want your child to be able to soak up every minute of it, not sit on the sidelines due to an illness or injury that could have been avoided with chiropractic care.

Kids aren’t the only ones who can benefit from regular chiropractic treatments during the summer months. Adults also tend to be a lot more active when the temperature rises. Before you sign up for that summer softball league or decide to recommit to a running routine, consider booking an appointment with Millville Chiropractic Center for an adjustment to make sure your spine and immune system are in tip-top shape.

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Noticing More Joint Pain Lately? Blame It on Stress

What most everyone already knows is that the recent pandemic was stressful, and what a lot of people are noticing is more joint pain as of late. What most don't realize is that this stress could be connected to their joint pain.

Pandemic or not, stress can result in or contribute to joint pain. The good news is that chiropractic care can help with joint pain, and even help your body let go of stress.

How Stress Triggers Joint Pain

Back in the day, stress was a survival mechanism. Nowadays? Not so much. We're so caught up in having to work, pay bills and manage our household (including kids, pets, spouse, etc.) that all that stress energy doesn't have enough of an outlet to get expended. When we’re stressed, we can develop headaches, stomach issues, sleep issues and yes, even joint pain.

What's happening is that stress makes you tense up. Your body primes itself for fight or flight even though there isn't a saber-toothed tiger that’s about to try and eat you. When there’s no fight or flight to expel that energy (or a good workout regimen), stress remains in your body, alters your posture, and can physically manifest in many ways, including joint pain.

How Chiropractic Care Can Help with Joint Pain

Since every patient has unique healthcare needs, chiropractors will evaluate your health history and current state to determine the best course of action for your joint aches and pains. 

A chiropractor's goal is most commonly multifaceted–reduce stiffness and tension, return normal flexibility and function, and restore blood flow as well as reduce pain. By identifying and treating those problem areas, stiffness and limited joint motions can be restored and normal function and blood flow can be returned. 

The better we feel the more we tend to move. The more we move, including the movement of those affected joints, the more blood and nutrients flow throughout our body and into our joints. As a result, the body can begin to relax, range of motion improves and pain can begin to dissipate. In fact, many patients report immediate pain relief.

How Chiropractic Care Can Help with Stress

Chiropractors aren't a replacement for counselors or psychotherapists. Instead, they strive to help your body physically release and reduce stress. Oftentimes, reducing and removing the physical effects of stress can help reduce and remove the stress itself. 

So while there is a strong emotional side to stress, remember that there's a physical side as well, and your favorite chiropractor is here to help. 


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Headaches Affect Nearly Half Of All Adults

The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported that headaches have enormous costs to society and are hugely widespread throughout the world. According to the report, 47 percent of all adults have some sort of headache disorder. In the European Union (EU) alone, it's estimated that 190 million days are lost from work annually, solely due to migraine headaches. One in six women and one in twelve men are affected by migraines making it the most expensive brain disorder in the United States and EU with an estimated total annual cost of $229 billion. Doctors of chiropractic are highly trained to diagnose and treat a number of headache related disorders. In fact, many causes of headaches are soft-tissue based and can be successfully managed with safe, natural chiropractic procedures. If you experience headaches, no matter how severe or subtle, don't continue to suffer. Call your licensed doctor of chiropractic today for a professional, thorough consultation and/or examination.

Source: Reuters. May 3, 2011.

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More Green Tea, Less Cancer?

A recent medical study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests that women who drink green tea at least three times a week enjoy an overall 14% reduction in risk of colon, stomach and esophageal cancers. The study, conducted by the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in Nashville, followed 69,000 Chinese women for over a decade. Women who drank green tea often and for long periods of time experienced lower cancer risks. Those who said they'd regularly had green tea for at least 20 years were 27% less likely than non-drinkers to develop any digestive system cancer and were 29% less likely to develop colorectal cancer. While the exact reasons the beverage may help resist cancers is unknown, researchers point out that green tea contains a compound known as EGCG and other antioxidant chemicals that may help cells resist the damage that can lead to cancer and other diseases. However, the study discounted a direct cause and effect relationship between green tea consumption and lowered incidences of cancer, pointing out that the test subjects were generally more health-conscious. None of the participants smoked or drank regularly and nearly all of them exercised regularly. The researchers conclude that clinical studies would be required to prove causation, and suggest that anyone considering green tea as part of an anti-cancer regimen consult first with their doctor.

Source: Am J Clin Nutr November 2012 Vol. 96 No. 5 1056-1063

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