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Looking for Foot Pain Treatment? Orthotics Could Be for You

Written By Millville Chiropractic Center on February 4, 2020

orthotics foot painDo you often experience reoccurring pain in your foot or heel? Then orthotics may be the answer to your foot pain treatment needs.

Foot levelers are used to correct and provide treatment for foot pain. They are worn to control the function and alignment of your foot.

Many health professionals recommend foot levelers as a complementary foot pain treatment for persons with acute discomfort and pain from foot injuries or dislocations.

Why You Need Orthotics for Foot Pain Treatment

Why invest in orthotics? Your feet play a very important role in providing balance and stability to your body. When something goes wrong, it affects your gait, neck, shoulders, knees, and spine. 

If you experience any of the issues listed below, you’ll be sure to benefit from orthotics.

1. Flat Feet

If your feet lay flat against the floor, this will likely result in pains located at the ankle, back, and foot. Foot levelers help encourage proper foot positioning.

2. Bursitis

This is an inflammation in the sacs filled with fluid located in the heels and toes. This causes pain and limits the movement of joints in the affected region. Orthotics that have arch support can relieve this discomfort.

3. Hammertoes

The toes curl under the feet from shorter tendons caused by weakened muscles. It is often hereditary and known to be quite painful. Foot levelers provide support to the feet and prevent it from getting worse.

4. Arthritis

This is an inflammation of the joints more common among older people. Orthotics have been observed to greatly reduce pain caused by arthritis in the feet as the shoe inserts are designed to correct structural issues and ease foot pain.

Need Orthotics in Millville, NJ?

Orthotics alter how the body receives stimuli and how this is transmitted to the brain. This makes it a great option for relieving pain and adjusting the positioning of malformed feet.

Want to know more if foot levelers are what you need? Feel free to schedule an appointment with Millville Chiropractic Center or call (856) 327-0320 today.



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